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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

gallant spirit IV - the panorama

gallant spirit I
gallant spirit II
gallant spirit III
gallant spirit IV

Gallant spirit, I have seen with what enthusiasm you partake in the business of your fellow meat-bodies, how fondly you finger your assorted meat-body gadgetry and with what abandon you penetrate meat-body counterparts, amateur and professional alike. The 3D panorama is indeed there for your enjoyment. Feast on its offerings and the panorama will be commensurately reinforced. The more you feast, the better you will insert yourself into its texture. The more you insert yourself into its texture, the more you will feel not merely in it, but of it.

A million units of coin earned shifting stock across a digital monitor, buying and selling shares of an enterprise you have never seen, run by meat-bodies you have never met, producing things you do not need and do not understand. By the Gods in heaven, gallant spirit, what fortune has blessed you, to amass coin with such facility? And how fortuitous that your meat-body-colleague in the Middle East is on the board of said enterprise. As they say amongst the meat-body mercantile class: fortune favors the bold.

With such coin you will be able to circulate freely within the panorama and take further offerings. You will sniff  high-tech narco-pharmaceutics, you will drink matured spirits, and you will penetrate top-shelf meat-body counterparts √† volont√© – so said in Gallic meat-body vernacular – and more generally, you will proceed to persuade, rule, possess, dispossess, coerce or otherwise impose your influence.  

If further fortune should bless you and millions become billions, then you will perhaps be able to purchase your passage to the interior. The interior of the panorama is where the panorama is projected out and there is no better place to insert yourself than therein. It is the ultimate insertion. Perhaps you will be given the chance to dictate parts of the projection, should you be so blessed..

Please note: now and then a dissonance will flash across the panorama like lighting. Nothing to be concerned about. Occasionally, truth short circuits through – the panorama is not entirely hermetic but you are doing fine as is; it seems you have not noticed this so far. Proceed to the interior, gallant spirit, you are probably no more than half-dozen insertions away.